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Patient Safety Procedures


Hello from your friendly neighborhood dental providers at Schell Family Dental Care!

Just so you know we here at our family dentistry office adhere to the highest regimen of strict infection control called “universal precautions”

Every surface and every instrument used with patient contact (and even those without direct patient contact) are either disposable or are strictly and carefully treated in a sterilizer and or with the highest possible level disinfecting agents to provide protection from all biologic pathogens and viruses.

Many years ago, we created a diligent ‘Safety Team with a Safety Director’ to be certain that we were not only up to every standard precaution but to actually surpass them wherever possible. This makes us all feel very secure today –for both our patients and ourselves.

Rest assured that your health is our primary concern and that you are in very good hands. There are so many things to worry about these days, maintaining your teeth and oral health doesn’t have to be one!

Thank you and please and reach out with any questions!