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Referring Physicians

In our general dentistry practice, we screen each of our patients for sleep disordered breathing. Based on information received from our patient and our clinical exam, we do communicate our findings to the patient’s primary care physician if warranted. It is not our role to diagnose but to detect possible cases.

Oral appliance therapy is common treatment for patients that are CPAP intolerant or non-adherent. It is also considered an appropriate initial treatment for patients with mild to moderate OSA. Click here to review the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s Practice Parameters.

We treat patients with obstructive sleep apnea based upon a physician’s referral only.

Before we can schedule an appointment for your patient, we need the following documentation:

  • Copy of the patient’s polysomnogram reports and pertinent clinical notes
  • Referral to our office for oral appliance therapy
  • Copy of  panoramic film from patient’s general dentist if available

Please refer to our Oral Appliance Therapy Protocol to learn more about your patient’s treatment while in our care.  Be assured that we consider the patient’s treatment to be a collaborative effort with you. Progress notes for each clinical appointment are sent to all providers after each visit.

Referral for Oral Appliance Therapy


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